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Two Reasons Why It's Important to Customise Corporate Clients' Gift Hampers

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Here are some reasons why it's important to get custom corporate gift hampers for your clients. 

To ensure the hampers don't contain any items they dislike or cannot use

When you are giving this gift, it's important that it doesn't contain any items that the client either dislikes or cannot use. For example, if you gave a client a standard hamper that had six items that you felt certain they'd enjoy, but which also contained chocolate-covered almonds and you know they detest nuts, then this item in their hamper might taint the gift and make the recipient view it as less thoughtful.

Similarly, if the hamper contains a cheese selection, along with some wheat crackers or biscuits, and the client follows a gluten-free diet, your client would have to buy their own crackers when they wanted to eat those cheeses. This could be viewed as inconsiderate or even rude.

If you want to avoid a faux-pas, choosing a hamper that you can fully customise is important. You can check that any edible items are ones that the client likes and is not allergic to and can ensure that any toiletries are ones that are suitable for their lifestyle (for example, if they're a business client who constantly travels, giving them a hamper with lots of travel-size luxury toiletries in fragrances they like would be very thoughtful).

To make the hamper stand out

At Christmas or on other special occasions, corporate clients will often receive multiple hampers from various businesses that they are involved with. As such, even if you have seen a few non-customised hampers that contain some lovely products, these hampers won't necessarily impress your clients as much as you think they would, simply because they will probably receive quite a few similar ones in a short space of time.

If you want this hamper to be a symbol of your appreciation of your client's custom and if you're hoping that they'll do more business with you in the future, then it's worth taking the extra step of putting together a customised hamper so that it stands out from their other gifts. The client will be far more likely to notice your hamper amongst the many other ones they receive if, for example, it contains the specific French wine they mentioned that they liked during a previous conversation you had with them, rather than a high-quality but random bottle of whiskey.


1 October 2021