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The Perfect Coat to Wear With Your Ugg Boats: Five Tips for Stylish People

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Ugg boots now come in a range of styles, but the company's classic model is still arguably the best. Trying to figure out what kind of coat would look great with your classic Ugg boots? Take a look at these fashion forward tips:

1.  Try a long coat

The chunky look and feel of Ugg boots looks best when contrasted with leggings or tight jeans. However, you don't' want to keep the tight and sleek look all the way up your body. Instead, you want something relatively long and baggy on the top.

During the fall, an over-sized sweater or jumper looks great, but in the winter, try a long coat over your leggings or jeans. Whether you leave it open to reveal your top or zipped up and cozy, it balances the shape of your Uggs.

2. Stick with neutral colours

Most classic Ugg boots come in neutral shades of tan, brown and gray. Mirror these colours in your coat. Either choose a coat in the exact same colour as your boots or in the same neutral palette.

3. Experiment with fake fur linings

Regardless of the colour of your coat, a fur lining around the hood looks fabulous with Ugg boots. The fur emphasises the soft and cozy nature of your Uggs. Additionally, if you choose a coat that is not in a neutral colour, the neutral colour of most fake fur liners helps your coat coordinate with your boots.

4. Layer your look

If you don't have a long coat and are trying to work with what you have, play with layers. Take a small stylish jacket -- that could be a leather coat, a lined blazer or a classic wool peacoat. Then, layer that coat with your favorite hoodie or a thick jumper.

The layering creates the bulk you need to contrast with your tight leggings or jeans, and it makes dress coats look more casual, making them a better match with your stylish but casual Uggs.

5. Skip the coat

If the weather isn't that cold and you can't find the perfect coat, keep it simple and play with accessories. Instead of wearing a coat, put on the long sweater or top that you think works best with your Uggs.

Then, accessorise with a thick knitted scarf and possibly a warm hat. Play with accessories in colours and textures that look compelling with your Ugg boats.


10 September 2015