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How To Choose A Deceased Estates Clearance Company

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Losing a loved one is always difficult, and there's a lot to think about — so clearing out their house will probably be the last thing on your mind. Hiring a company that does deceased estates clearances can take some of the stress out of this sad time, and this short guide explains how to choose a house clearance firm to work with.

Think About What's Convenient

The first step towards choosing a deceased house clearance company is to make a long list of companies that would be convenient for you. You can search online for companies in your area and prioritise ones that are close to the house you want to be cleared. You should also look on their website for an indication of the time slots they offer, especially if you need an evening or weekend slot, or know that the house is very cluttered and might need a whole day. The Retirement Blog estimates that loading a truck might take around an hour if you prepare everything, but if you won't have time to do so, you'll need to find a service that takes care of that for you. Having made your longlist, it's time to start looking into the exact services that you require.

Figure Out What Services You Want

Think carefully about the services you want from a house clearance company. As mentioned above, you might be looking for someone to simply pick up boxes you have packed and organised, or you might want someone to sort out everything in the house and use their own judgement. You may want the contents and items to go to a charity that's special to you, or you might want to receive money for them. You might particularly want a company with a focus on reusing and recycling. If you know the house is very dirty or cluttered, you will need to choose a company that can deal with that. If you know the house contains many antiques, you should choose a company that can recognise them and even offer instant cash for antiques. If you're not sure if items in the house are antiques, The Spruce Craft has some identification tips. If a company doesn't offer what you need, cross it off your list.

Speak To A Few Companies

When you've identified a few companies you might like to do your house clearance, it's time to make contact with them. The easiest way to do this is to call them on the phone and ask them about their services and availability, as well as clearing up any questions you might have. This will probably give you a good idea of which company you'd like to work with. Which was most polite? Did you get a good feeling from any of the companies? Which company seemed to respect your time and questions most? You might also want to look online at reviews of the companies you're considering to see if there are any red flags you might have missed.

By choosing a company whose location, time slots, and prices are convenient to you, as well as one that offers the range of services you require, you will be able to make the house clearance process go as smoothly as possible, reducing your stress and saving you time.


13 January 2021