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Awarding Employees: Types of Trophies

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Professional recognition of achievements improves the employee morale and enhances the motivation towards fulfilling the company's objectives. As an employer, you should be diligent in your choice of the trophies because they will reflect the quality and standards you uphold. There are different types of award products available in the current market but not all are ideal for the business environment. For instance, multi-column championship trophies may be coveted by sports teams but in the office they will be somewhat overwhelming. When you are selecting the best items, consider aspects such as style and elegance, materials, cost as well as engraving and customization options. Here are some of the perfect trophy types to present to employees.

Plexiglass and Glass Trophies

The success of plexiglass and glass materials in the trophy industry can be attributed to the clarity which presents many customisation options. The simple appearance is cool and sophisticated and the raw material can be shaped and configured according to your specifications. You can also choose predefined designs from your trophy dealer. Both trophy types can be sandblasted to create a unique matte finishing instead of the regular smooth surface. Engraving is the default option for professional awards because it presents the desired message clearly. However, with good financial resources, different design fittings can be added to enrich the appearance. Mounting medals, laurels and plaques on the trophies is a popular way to make a distinctive award. It is important to note that the glass type will be typically more expensive because working with the raw material is harder.

Brass Medal Trophies

If you are looking for something simple but visually pleasing, brass medal trophies are ideal. Basically, this item consists of a base which has an attached plate that bears the personalised engraving, a column which can be configured to suit your preference and finally, there is a decorative medal. The medal is mounted on the column and can be crafted in a variety of shapes. The design applied on the surface can be the company's logo and motto and the work is implemented precisely through chemical etching. You can also enhance the value of the final product by choosing gold, silver or even nickel plating.

Bevelled Box Trophies

The visual appeal of bevelled trophies is remarkable and perfect for exceptional achievements. It consists of a neat glass box with high clarity and a beautiful trophy within it which gives an illusion of magical and timeless magnificence. In addition, the base can hold the desired engraving or a custom plate with a message.

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24 February 2015